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Improving price transparency
and reducing customer
inquiry time.

Welding technology

Improving price transparency
and reducing customer
inquiry time.

Instant quotation

Improving price transparency
and reducing customer
inquiry time.

Full service
One - stop service

One - stop service system to
reduce the processing cycle
of electronic products.

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PCBspeed Fabrication and PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Improving price transparency and reducing customer inquiry time. One - stop service system to reduce the processing cycle of electronic products.

Widely introducing the major manufacturers in the industry to reduce intermediate links.

One - to - one service for customers to improve service professionalism.

Becoming a more popular service provider in electronic component sales and PCB processing and welding industry.


Size: 100mm x 100mm

Quantity: 10pcs

Delivery time: 48 hours

PRICE $5.00

Size: 200mm x 200mm

Quantity: 10pcs

Delivery time: 1-2days

PRICE $80.00

Size: 100mm x 100mm

Quantity: 20pcs

Delivery time: 7-8days

PRICE $250.00

Size: 300mm x 150mm

Quantity: 10pcs

Delivery time: 4-5days

PRICE $200.00

Size: 150mm x 100mm

Quantity: 10pcs

Delivery time: 4-5days

PRICE $300.00

Quick Turn PCB Prototype Manufacturer
★ FR-4 PCB material
★ 1-2 layers 100*100mm PCB fabrication
★ 2-3 days delivery

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Quick Turn PCB Prototype Manufacturer
★ FR-2 PCB material
★ 1-2 layers 100*100mm PCB fabrication
★ 2-3 days delivery

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Quick Turn PCB Prototype Manufacturer
★ FR-6 PCB material
★ 1-2 layers 100*100mm PCB fabrication
★ 2-3 days delivery

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Business News

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Carrefour, Uber, Hugo Boss, Airbus and Merck among the speakers at the 2019 IoTSWC | PCBSPEED

The full programme of the IoT Solutions World Congress (IoTSWC) is now available. The event organised by Fira de Barcelona in collaboration with the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) will present the experiences of companies using IoT, AI and blockchai

How to Avoid Technical Issues in Flexible PCB | PCBSPEED

When ordering rigid-flex or flex circuits online, if your design faces technical issues or if the data is incomplete your quick turn order delivery can be delayed. The technical issues may arise due to an error in the manufacturing or the end use of the p

PCB Prototyping | Design | Flow and Stages | PCBSPEED

This is the first stage prior to the development stage. In this stage one of more engineers research and define a certain application they wish to build the PCB for. The design is supposed to fit into the application it is built on, and it should show acc

PCB & PCBA Manufacturer

Specializing in the production and processing of various PCB bussinesses

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  • 02-04-2019 grid $ 100.00 10 pcs
  • 01-04-2019 TSBCI $ 165.00 20 pcs
  • 01-04-2019 jack $ 66.00 10 pcs
  • 21-03-2019 TommKK $ 85.00 15 pcs
  • 14-03-2019 Rsaic $ 145.00 22 pcs
  • 22-01-2019 Tom $ 100.00 10 pcs
  • 22-01-2019 Qicty $ 100.00 15 pcs
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7x24 hour online customer service,FAE engineer for one-to-on

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PCBspeed is simpler, more convenient and faster.

We offer one-stop service - the best choice for global electronic engineers.


More than 5,000 kg of PCB circuit boards are produced from pcbspeed every year

Los Angeles

Have you seen Los Angeles at four in the morning? I've seen Los Angeles at 4 a.m. every day.

New York

By the end of 2018, more than 1000 customers had chosen pcbspeed


Nearly 1% of PCB boards in the UK are manufactured in pcbspeed


More than 100 factories in France believe in pcbspeed products and speed


More than 50 Russian customers visit the pcbspeed plant every year

Xi 'an

Xi'an is the main sales area of pcbspeed, and it has spread to the northwest and southwest of China.


Many Korean enterprises and pcbspeed maintain long-term cooperative relations

Southeast Asia

10% of orders for pcbspeed come from Southeast Asia


Close Trade Relations between Taiwan Province and Mainland China


Pcbspeed produces high-precision, high-density PCB circuit boards for Japan


Australia is an important customer distribution country of pcbspeed

100% Quality Assurance

PCB laminate uses high quality

FR-4 material for PCB production!

Topspeed Delivery

3-5days' Delivery

99% on-time shipping

Secure Transaction

Paypal online guarantees the instant,

convenient, and secure payment!

High Quality Service

Track Fabrication Process On Line

Professional Technical Assistance

Quality Guaranteed

Pcbspeed fully compliant with the

ISO 9001: quality management

system and UL certificate.

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PCBspeed make you assyrance!

Our philosophy:Rapidness,accuracy and excellence have always been our philosophy.PCBspeed is the most excellent small-scale PCB prototype manufacturer.

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