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PCBSPEED will not only provide you with significant cost savings on prototype PCBs, but it will also insure to meet all your desirable turn-around times. More often than not, turn-around times would be achieved faster than local manufacturers.

Prototype PCBs purchased through PCBSPEED are sourced from the largest prototype PCB manufacturers in China that specialize in producing small volume PCBs, over a short period of time, with a large variety of designs per month. (over 40000 designs/month).

All prototype shipments are done using DHL/FedEx/UPS express shipment services to achieve the fastest and most reliable delivery.

PCBSPEED PCB Board Fabrication Capabilities

PCBSPEED are honored to be PCB and PCBA supplier for customers who are from Military, Aerospace, Medicine, Commercial, Industrial, Automotive, University, School and Amateur sectors. Most of them have spoken highly of us about PCB quality, PCBA fast process and sufficient customer service. At the same time, we sincerely want to cooperate with our customers in PCB prototype, PCB Assembly and PCB layout area. Feel free to contact us for more details:service@PCBSPEED.com.


Professional marketing, technology and production team provide 24 hours 365 days technical support to customers.

100% Quality Assurance

PCB laminate uses high quality

FR-4 material for PCB production!

Topspeed Delivery

3-5days' Delivery

99% on-time shipping

Secure Transaction

Paypal online guarantees the instant,

convenient, and secure payment!

High Quality Service

Track Fabrication Process On Line

Professional Technical Assistance

Quality Guaranteed

Pcbspeed fully compliant with the

ISO 9001: quality management

system and UL certificate.

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PCBspeed make you assyrance!

Our philosophy:Rapidness,accuracy and excellence have always been our philosophy.PCBspeed is the most excellent small-scale PCB prototype manufacturer.

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