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PCBspeed device BOM orders, using the company's online trading platform, to achieve online inquiry, online fast order, customer service online order, online quotation, order message prompt, more professional, more rapid, professional services, so that you "no longer wait". With Yuankun BOM table template, you only need to "download" and "upload", the rest of the things we solve, to save you time and reduce the cost of communication. Long-term cooperation with major customers at home and abroad, we have been strong in speed.

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BOM Import Function Description

  • 1. To ensure the quicker and smoother completion of the order inquiry, please download the BOM single template, fill in the corresponding information and upload it correctly, and mark it as a required item.
  • 2. After the BOM inquiry is generated, you can check the progress of the quotation in "My Inquiry";
  • 3. If you want to receive the return quotation within 40 minutes (working hours), please write down the material receiving price in Excel, we will give priority to help you deal with it.
  • 4. If you have any questions, please contact online customer service (sales@yuankun24.com ).

* File Format(xls,xlsx)

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FR-4 material for PCB production!

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system and UL certificate.

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